Law Enforcement Defense

Our firm specializes in defending those who protect us: the men and women in law enforcement. In these times of extreme public scrutiny, we understand the unique challenges facing law enforcement today. Our decades of experience in representing law enforcement has given our attorneys a special skill set, a unique perspective, and a litigation advantage. We have defended against nearly every claim imaginable, including:

  • 42 U.S.C. § 1983 Claims
  • Bivens Claims
  • Excessive Force Claims
  • Officer Involved Shootings Claims
  • TASER™ and Less-Lethal Weapon Use Claims
  • K-9 Use-of-Force Claims
  • Crime Lab DNA Testing Claims
  • Failure-to-Arrest Claims
  • Wrongful Arrest Claims
  • Fabrication-of-Evidence Claims
  • Failure-to-Protect Claims
  • Positional Asphyxia/Excited Delirium Claims
  • Unlawful Search and Seizure Claims
  • Wrongful Death Claims

In addition to defending against litigation, our attorneys provide ongoing counsel, training, and assistance to law enforcement agencies. We advise our clients in the development of internal policies and procedures, coordinate training programs for officers and other employees, and offer critical advice and support during internal and external investigations.