Government Liability Defense

Our attorneys have a strong reputation and long history of representing federal, state, and local government entities in Arizona and throughout the nation.  Our vast experience defending government agencies, officials, and employees includes cases involving:

  • 42 U.S.C § 1983 Claims
  • Bivens Claims
  • IDEA and ADA Claims
  • State-Created Danger Claims
  • Claims against Law Enforcement
  • Claims against Correction Facilities
  • Wrongful Death and Tort Claims
  • Child Welfare Claims
  • Traffic and Roadway Design Claims
  • Accidents involving State Vehicles
  • First Responder Defense

Not only do we specialize in defending public entities at all stages of civil litigation, including appeals, we counsel clients on developing policies and other discrete matters, assist in training employees on those policies, and advise during internal and external investigations.