E-Discovery Management

With the prevalence of electronically-stored data and communications such as e-mail and social media, e-discovery is playing an increasingly important role in the outcome of litigation. Plaintiffs’ lawyers use it as a weapon and request sweeping, invasive information to intimidate their opponents. Responding to these requests is often time-consuming and expensive. Our firm knows exactly how to deal with it.

We guide our clients through every aspect of electronic discovery, from the identification and collection of documents to the analysis and production of electronic data and information. Our firm has successfully managed complex, multi-party, and class action cases involving large-scale document productions. We are also regularly called upon to advise government insurance pools on how to effectively manage and respond to large volume e-discovery requests.

Our firm has a solid framework in place and the resources to handle any e-discovery request. In managing e-discovery, we significantly narrow the scope of discoverable documents and information, and use cutting-edge technology that reduces the costs of compliance and disruption of operations. Our attorneys also use e-discovery to their advantage and target highly relevant information from the other side. Our e-discovery practice gives our clients an edge in this evolving area of litigation.